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Backdation: Miscellaneous Info

    Dead set of batteries in desk drawer
    His original flashlight + dead batteries
    Another set of good batteries and a spare light for Scar [He currently uses this one]
    Depth Charge and Hime's two-way radios
    Key ring
    29 disposable pens
    His 2nd flashlight + batteries
    DVD of The Wizard of Oz. The box has a rental store jacket: the cover is pictured on the front, while 'Megahit Movies' is on the back.
    Four pictures of his friends, drawn in marker on construction paper, line his desk against the wall.
    Depth Charge's portal ring- leads to M-B Block Hallway.
    Scalpel from Depth Charge- you know, for all that fighting he'll be doing.
    His canon outfit: green shirt with rope ties, brown pants, black shoes, white gloves, black hat. All in pretty poor condition.
    Mele's portal ring- the gem is smashed.
    Two children's books on rockets and outer space from Carter
    Carter's portal ring- leads to the Mines Given to Skulduggery!

From his Patient Possessions Box
    A plastic comb
    Leather Wallet ("a strange piece of leather with pockets")
    Ring with two old keys
    Folding knife with metal handle
    Winding wristwatch on leather strap

Usually On-Hand
    1 disposable pen
    Personal journal
          Tucked in the pages: a doodle of the continental United States; he has written "Kansas is a state in the United States of America" and drawn lines leading to several other locations on it
          Page 1: a larger, redrawn version of the U.S. doodle, now with X markers and labels for Boston, New Jersey, 'Lost Angelus,' and New York. Kansas is circled.
          Pages 2 - 5: copied version of the Landel's Primer and maps. The Primer pages are crisp- it's likely he copied it and never bothered to give it a read- but the maps have been removed, folded, and returned to the journal. His maps with notes: 1st Floor | 2nd Floor | Roof