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Backdation: The Road Thus Far

D A Y 3 8
      Dinner ⇄ Roommates and feelings are interesting

N I G H T S H I F T 3 8
      He stayed in his room- what a chump. The noises in the hall were a little unsettling.

D A Y 3 9
      Breakfast ⇄ So maybe he can think without a diploma
      Sun Room ⇄ New friends are nifty, and questions are answered
              Bulletin ⇄ To find his brains, he'll need help
              Bulletin ⇄ On original bodies
      Lunch ⇄ Pizza is interrupted by an experiment
              Bulletin ⇄ Kansas?
      Music Room ⇄ A long conversation with Matt about food, humanity, and the Fourth Wall
      Dinner ⇄ Item-gathering and a chat with Kaiji

N I G H T S H I F T 3 9
      M71-80 Corridor ⇄ Okay, the flashlight works; time for an adventure with Kaiji!
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ Traveling
      West Wing, South Hall 1-A ⇄ Traveling
      Main Hallway 1-West ⇄ Traveling
      Stairwell by Lobby 1 ⇄ Stairs are creepy
      2nd Floor: Main Hallway 2-West ⇄ Finally upstairs- now what?
      Main Hallway 2-West ⇄ They found a girl, monsters, and got their butts kicked. Rad!

D A Y 4 0
              Bulletin ⇄ A Survey goes around
              Bulletin ⇄ On Fortune-Telling
              Bulletin ⇄ He learned a new word
      Recreational Field ⇄ He's homesick, but political conversation is a nice distraction
      Lunch ⇄ A meeting with the unconcious girl from the hallway last night
      Greenhouse ⇄ A guy helps him water some plants
              Bulletin ⇄ Another scarecrow?

N I G H T S H I F T 4 0
      M71-80 Corridor ⇄ He thinks some fresh air might help him
      West Wing, North Hall A-1 ⇄ Looks like he remembers the way to the Rec Field
      Recreational Field ⇄ Dogs attack when he meets a lion, a robot, and a girl

D A Y 4 1
      Breakfast ⇄ He's glad to find that Kaiji isn't dead :D
      Courtyard ⇄ A chat with a pacing woman by the pond
      Lunch ⇄ There sure are a lot of children here
      Showers ⇄ A meeting with another Lion; it turns out he hates water
              Bulletin ⇄ Happiness at Landel's?
      Dinner ⇄ His wounds seemed pretty much healed

N I G H T S H I F T 4 1
      He stayed in, rested his legs, and talked about alcohol with Kaiji. This can only lead to shenanigans.

D A Y 4 2
      Bus 3 ⇄ He talks with Scourge on the definition of 'life' and the love of food
      Doyleton, Morning ⇄ The interesting environment of the Mystic Spa
      Doyleton, Noon ⇄ Troubles
              Bulletin ⇄ He tries his hand at art

N I G H T S H I F T 4 2 : Z O M B I E S
      Mystic Spa ⇄ Something is definitely not right

D A Y 4 3
      1st Shift Brunch ⇄ He meets the robot from the Rec Field a second time
              Bulletin ⇄ He touches base with the key-wielding kid from the Spa the night before
      Sun Room ⇄ He meets a rather intimidating woman and asks some questions
              Bulletin ⇄ Patients apparently come in all forms, even those without legs!
              Bulletin ⇄ It seems someone wrote a book about Oz. How interesting!
      Waiting Room/Lobby 2 ⇄ Dorothy pays him a visit, and he isn't sure what to believe anymore.
      Dinner ⇄ He tries to put his thoughts in order: where is home, anyway?

N I G H T S H I F T 4 3
      M71-80 Corridor ⇄ With no sign of his roommate, he decides he might try to find his original body again
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ Not sure he wants to face the upstairs alone, he accompanies a passing man
      Stairwell by Nurse's Station 1-B ⇄ He introduces himself to his new acquaintance
      Main Hallway, 2-West ⇄ This hallway apparently hasn't gotten any better since the last time he was there

D A Y 4 4
      Breakfast ⇄ Kaiji is seemingly missing, and the Scarecrow is starting to worry
      Lunch ⇄ Burgers probably don't require forks and knives
      Arts & Crafts ⇄ Meeting another nonhuman
      Dinner ⇄ He meets his new roommate- looks like Kaiji isn't coming back

N I G H T S H I F T 4 4
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ He and Depth Charge have a common goal
      M-B Block Hallway ⇄ Traveling
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ Always on alert
      West Wing, South Hall 1-A ⇄ A question of motive
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ Seemed like a good enough reason
      Stairwell by Lobby 1 ⇄ Now that wasn't so hard, right?
      Main Hallway, 2-West ⇄ The Horrible Hallway is more horrible than usual as they're attacked by a mangled witch

D A Y 4 5
      Breakfast ⇄ He meets Abe Sapien and wonders how to get the used-to-be-nonhumans together
      Sun Room, 2nd Shift ⇄ Scourge has had a troubling change of heart
      Sun Room, 4th Shift ⇄ Mele is also affected by this strange new affliction
      Dinner ⇄ He's relieved to see Depth Charge in one piece

N I G H T S H I F T 4 5
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ He urges his roommate to stay put as he goes looking for Mele
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ Okay, that was a bad idea, but he's got a plan!
      Main Hallway, 1-Center ⇄ He decides to start his search at the front of the Institute
      Entry Room ⇄ He found Mele, but it seems she's been bewitched
      Main Hallway, 1-Center ⇄ He backs out, trying to formulate a new plan
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ He attempts to explain Landel's to Remy while gathering courage

D A Y 4 6
      Breakfast ⇄ Time for an awkward breakfast with Mele
      Sun Room ⇄ He finds Scourge has returned to his normal, human-loathing, robot ways. Rapture!
      Lunch ⇄ The Scarecrow gets a new name from the normal-named Peter Watson
      Music Room ⇄ He reconnects with Sam, and they disagree on how long he's been gone
      Dinner ⇄ Depth Charge is back to normal, as well!

N I G H T S H I F T 4 6 : M - U
      Disciplinary Therapy Room 2 ⇄ A harrowing experiment reveals he's not only got a brain, but can have it altered as well
      Disciplinary Therapy Corridor ⇄ Rescued by Depth Charge and S.T., the trio begins their escape to relative safety
      West Wing, South Hall 2-B ⇄ The halls are confusing, maybe intentionally so
      Main Hallway 2-West ⇄ It turns out they're upstairs and in the Horrible Hallway, which is surprisingly quiet
      Stairwell by Lobby 1 ⇄ So how won't they get away with this?
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ Being unable to think clearly just got a little more irritating and embarrassing
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ And there seems to be something going on and blocking the way

D A Y 4 7
      Breakfast ⇄ The morning is bright, Abe checks out his wound
      Recreational Field ⇄ Even the outdoors and Remy's company don't soothe him, and he avoids the topic
      Lunch ⇄ He finally catches Sangamon, who convinces him to talk about the experiment
      Dinner ⇄ He isn't sure about plans for the evening, and thinks he'll stay inside

N I G H T S H I F T 4 7
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ After Depth Charge leaves, he has a change of heart and exits
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ He makes sure Depth Charge isn't around before continuing on
      West Wing, South Hall 1-A ⇄ He meets Abe while waiting out the effects of the clever little thing
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ Abe is a professional when it come to nighttime safety
      Stairwell by Lobby 1 ⇄ Nothing on the stairs
      Main Hallway, 2-West ⇄ ... Or in the Horrible Hallway. Has he just been unlucky until now?
      Main Hallway, 2-Center ⇄ Well, the horribleness is more centrally located than usual
      Chapel ⇄ Trapped in the Chapel, they have a long discussion about their lives and being human

D A Y 4 8
      Breakfast ⇄ He speaks with Scar, and has a realization about the clever little thing
              Bulletin ⇄ He takes S.T.'s advice and plans to speak with Javert
      Lunch ⇄ Mele is more vengeful in regards to the Scarecrow's experimentation than he is
      Doctor's Office 5 ⇄ Therapy with Dr. Venkman, who has some diplomas of his own
      Dinner ⇄ He tries to learn about Depth Charge's basement adventure without mentioning his own

N I G H T S H I F T 4 8
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ He gets a late start on the night. Too much thinking.

D A Y 4 9
      Bus 3 ⇄ He's joined by Mele on the bus, and they consider the Wizard Landel's powers
      Magus Park, Afternoon ⇄ He awaits his appointment with Javert in the rain
      Germaine Street, Afternoon ⇄ The strawman follows Javert to the Twin Pines Restaurant
      Twin Pines Restaurant, Afternoon ⇄ The interview begins. Also, he discovers he doesn't like coffee.
      Mystic Healing Spa, Late Day ⇄ Returning to the Spa, he meets Sora again
      Dinner ⇄ The Scarecrow considers his plans for the evening

N I G H T S H I F T 4 9 : P O R T A L S
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ Feeling the urge to be productive, the Scarecrow sets out for the night
      M-B Block Hallway ⇄ With his flashlight dying, he teams up with Kibitoshin for a "Safety in Numbers" tactic.
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ They find Remy and Team Disastrously Defenseless is born!
      Recreational Field ⇄ They step through the door and are portalled to... exactly where the door should have gone.
      Megahit Movies ⇄ Over the wall and into Doyleton! Also, the Scarecrow finds a small box full of identity crisis.
      Staff-Only Food Counter ⇄ They go from a roomy area to a smaller one (and one that's possibly in the Institute).
      Bill's Hardware ⇄ Starting to understand what's happening, they're back in zombie-infested Doyleton; Scarecrow reassures Kibby they'll be safe.
      Staff-Training Area ⇄ Back at the Institute, they find a fake body and are more afraid of what might be than what is
      Megahit Movies ⇄ They find themselves in an earlier location; how can they break the cycle?
      Male Nurse Prep Area ⇄ This room doesn't look any less creepy, so they try again
      Doctor's Office 10 (Dr. Burroughs) ⇄ They arrive in an office that's a little like Dr. Venkman's.
      File Room 2 ⇄ Well, this room doesn't look helpful at all.
      Mail Room ⇄ All hope seems lost, but the Scarecrow isn't willing to give up so easily.
      Bill's Hardware ⇄ Back in the tool shop in Doyleton, they grab some things with which to protect themselves
      Meeting Room 2 ⇄ They find themselves in a room that looks relatively safe, aside from some turned-over chairs

D A Y 5 0
      Brunch ⇄ He joins Remy and Meche in a discussion of movies and the alphabet
      Courtyard ⇄ In which Sangamon explains how The Wizard of Oz was made
      Dinner ⇄ Homesick, as usual

N I G H T S H I F T 5 0 : L A N G U A G E S not that it mattered for him
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ It's time for movie night with Sangamon!
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ The hallways seem fairly empty.
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ Sangamon inspects the disc a moment before they start looking for a player
      Stairwell by Lobby 1 ⇄ The Scarecrow finds his batteries are still dying
      Main Hallway, 2-West ⇄ The Horrible Hallway seems fairly unhorrible... for now.
      Main Hallway, 2-Center ⇄ False alarm! It's still horrible, but the Witch is distracted with Depth Charge while Sangamon opens the door
      Staff Training Area ⇄ They reach the room with the fake body and find a player. Time to find out what this Wizard of Oz movie is about!

D A Y 5 1
      Breakfast ⇄ He speaks with Mele about the possibility of being make-believe and from the past
              Bulletin ⇄ Depth Charge checks in on him
      Showers ⇄ He's got to admit that Abe seems a lot happier when he's drenched
              Bulletin ⇄ Sleeping too much sounds like a bad idea
      Arts & Crafts ⇄ It turns out the witch from the previous night isn't so bad
      Dinner ⇄ He and Depth Charge have some catching-up to do

N I G H T S H I F T 5 1
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ He's got a plan: use one of Dr. Venkman's many diplomas to find his own
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ Excitement over observation
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ His flashlight still isn't working, and Scar agrees to travel with him
      Main Hallway, 1-Center ⇄ Offering to link arms with Scar probably isn't a good idea
      East Wing, Hall A [First Floor] ⇄ The door is locked, but not for long
      Doctor's Office 5 [Dr. Venkman] ⇄ In the office, Scar starts to feel the effects from his M-U session

D A Y 5 2
              Bulletin ⇄ Kibitoshin checks in
      Breakfast ⇄ He checks on Mele and ponders the difference in the Sleep Studies and Special Counseling
              Bulletin ⇄ He's not quite human
      Lunch ⇄ Scar is alive and no longer blind. Joy! Rapture!
      Dinner ⇄ A friend of Depth Charge disappears- it's up to the roommates to solve the case!

N I G H T S H I F T 5 2 : S H A D O W S
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ The intercom is less than reassuring of their safety
      M-B Block Hallway ⇄ Depth Charge tears through the halls...
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ While the Scarecrow asks for more information on the missing friend
      West Wing, South Hall 1-A ⇄ The first intercom announcement of the night
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ Wizard Landel is up to no good; the lights are acting oddly
      West Wing, South Hall 1-B ⇄ Depth Charge starts seeing things
      F-A Block Hallway ⇄ And the Scarecrow has no clue what he's talking about
      F?? ⇄ Depth Charge's friend is gone. They collect her radio and ring and keep moving.
      F-A Block Hall ⇄ They talk about witches to keep their minds off the loss
      West Wing, South Hall 1-B ⇄ Depth Charge reveals he met the Mangled Witch outside
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ And the Scarecrow reveals he's met nice witches
      Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ⇄ He explains the concept of good witches
      Main Hallway, 2-West ⇄ The Scarecrow finds himself homesick again as he talks about his friends
      Main Hallway, 2-Center ⇄ They dodge a guard in the Horrible Hallway as he explains how the Tin Man came to be
      Main Hallway, 2-East ⇄ And the Scarecrow then explains his part in the story
      East Wing, Hall 2-A ⇄ Jill speaks through the intercom, and tensions run high with Depth Charge
      Janitor's Closet ⇄ They find new flashlights and have a friendship moment before the shadow takes a life of its own
      East Wing, Hall 2-A ⇄ With few options, the Scarecrow proposes they try something risky: the portal ring.

D A Y 5 3
              Bulletin ⇄ Remy has been sleeping a lot- not a good sign
              Bulletin ⇄ Kibitoshin also checks in
      Breakfast ⇄ The Scarecrow gets to use his new name when he meets the extraordinarily tall Brook
      Sun Room ⇄ While checking the board, Kibitoshin checks on him in-person and shares information with him
              Bulletin ⇄ He makes a note for Abe and finds he's been released :(
              Bulletin ⇄ Depth Charge also also checks in
      Dinner ⇄ Abe is gone and the Scarecrow is crushed about it, but there's hope as he learns of those readmitted

N I G H T S H I F T 5 3
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ After hearing Landel talking about some eagle, the Scarecrow heads for the second floor
      West Wing, Hall, North Hall 1-A ⇄ There's just so much he still doesn't understand
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ After nearly running into Mele, she insists on going with him
      Main Hallway, 1-Center ⇄ He's glad to have her along, though Mele denies having seen her shadow
      Main Hallway, 1-East ⇄ At least one of them has a map
      Stairwell by Lobby 2 ⇄ The Scarecrow gets that vague feeling of being protected... or babysat.
      Main Hallway, 2-Est ⇄ They agree to meet and map-copy in the morning
      East Wing, Hall A (2nd Floor) ⇄ They reach their first (of many) of the night
      Janitor's Closet ⇄ Spare batteries and a light for Scar acquired!
      East Wing, Hall A (again) ⇄ They start searching the rooms for a 3rd floor entrance or bodies or Landel or whatnot
      General Storage ⇄ Nothing of interest here, though they do discuss the shadows
      East Wing, Hall A (again again) ⇄ Two locked doors before they get another one open
      Main File Storage ⇄ They find files for the released patients, but they require "real life" names. Drat!
      East Wing, Hall A (still again) ⇄ They hear voices of other patients
      Patient Possessions Storage ⇄ Scarecrow finds a box and Mele finds creepy writing. Everybody wins!
      East Wing, Hall A (The Final Chapter) ⇄ With the last door locked, they consult the map
      Main Hallway, 2-East ⇄ There are always more halls to be checked

D A Y 5 4
              Bulletin ⇄ Depth Charge makes sure he's okay...
              Bulletin ⇄ As does Kibitoshin! Isn't that nice?
      Breakfast ⇄ The new orderlies are most certainly unsettling as he meets with Mele for map-copying
              Bulletin ⇄ And here's his note for Scar about the flashlight he promised
      Lunch ⇄ After the gassing at breakfast and the role call, he chats with Kibitoshin and discusses "real" names
      Doctor's Office 5 [Dr. Venkman] ⇄ Another week and another meeting with Dr. Venkman
      Dinner ⇄ Depth Charge gives him his name and the news: Landel is fired

N I G H T S H I F T 5 4
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ In spite of the danger, the Scarecrow sets out to explore the 2nd floor west halls
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ He briefly wonders if the soldiers will be a monstrous as the nighttime nurses
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ While pondering the stairs, he meets Detective Gumshoe
      Stairwell by Lobby 1 ⇄ They head upstairs, both knowing what's waiting...
      Main Hallway, 2-West ⇄ Or do they? Are unconscious dead bodies a common sight in the Horrible Hallway?

D A Y 5 5
      Cafeteria ⇄ The patients are given new uniforms and an order: scrub the cafeteria.
      Courtyard ⇄ IT'S SNOWING & he meets Rapunzel- nice there's someone else who appreciates dancing at Landel's!
      Lunch ⇄ The food is lamentable, but a discussion about the hat pins with Mele is not
              Bulletin ⇄ Oh, so the ranks are based on time spent at the institute?
      Dinner ⇄ They took his items and gave him back more than he bargained for

N I G H T S H I F T 5 5
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ The Scarecrow heads for the snow, and is concerned about his being human
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ He decides to try the front door, as other areas are guarded
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ Was that Depth Charge? Or perhaps he's hearing things
      Main Hallway, 1-Center ⇄ Someone has beat him to the idea! Thankfully, Sergeant Carter is a friendly fellow
      Entry Room ⇄ Unfortunately, the Entry Room is as dangerous as before- the Burning Man strikes!
      Waiting Room/Lobby 2 ⇄ The pair has the grim realization that they're more wounded than they thought
      Main Hallway, 1-Center ⇄ Consulting the map, they plot their next course: to the Greenhouse Yard!
      East Wing, Hall A ⇄ The clever little thing chooses bad times to bring back the Scarecrow's sense of pain
      Greenhouse Yard ⇄ In which they try to keep each other going
      North of the Institute ⇄ Discovering they're on the wrong side to head to town, the two explore northward...
      Quarry ⇄ ... Where they discover a quarry. But what is it doing so close to the Institute?

D A Y 5 6
      Magus Park, Morning ⇄ Even with his arm in terrible shape, the snow is too beautiful to not enjoy!
      Morris Park, Noon ⇄ Magus Park was lovely; Morris Park... not so much, but Sangamon is there- and injured?
      Main Street, Noon ⇄ The pair head to get out of the cold while discussing the basement
      Crossroader's Bar and Casino ⇄ They stop in the bar, Sangamon orders drinks, and they talk about the basement
      Tasty Burger, Early Afternoon ⇄ He discusses the Burning Man with Mele- did they meet the same guy?
      Dinner ⇄ In an odd turn of events, it's the Scarecrow chastising Depth Charge for running off into danger

N I G H T S H I F T 5 6
      M41-M50 Corridor ⇄ The Scarecrow heads out (good thing he took that knife he won't use later :/)
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ He decides he'll try going over the Recreational Field Wall this night, as the other options are too far or dangerous
      Recreational Field ⇄ Newsflash: someone is guarding the field. Scarecrow gets hurt (again) and Sonia comes to the rescue!

D A Y 5 7
      Sun Room ⇄ A little drugged for the pain in both arms, his day is made brighter by Mele
      Cafeteria ⇄ He warns Rapunzel of the dangerous of the Institute and makes her worry. Oh dear!
      Dinner ⇄ The Scarecrow considers his plans for the night and worries about Depth Charge's

N I G H T S H I F T 5 7
      M42 ⇄ And with good reason! Depth Charge heads for the basement again, possibly to never return. Knowing and frustrated that there's not a thing he can do, the Scarecrow heads out.
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ But what can a strawman do? He heads for the announced Medical Wing. Maybe investigation will turn out helpful later.
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ As he checks his map, he is approached by Sonia, the girl from the field the night before. Trusting safety in numbers, they head for the Medical Wing together
      Main Hallway, 1-Center ⇄ Strangely, there's a dance party in the Sun Room. Though tempted, they keep moving.
      Main Hallway, 1-East ⇄ As they near the Medical Wing, the strange occurrences keep rising in number
      Front Desk [Med Wing] ⇄ Much to their surprise, the new area is unguarded
      Medical Wing Hall ⇄ Hearing voices, they progress down the hall
      Infirmary ⇄ Unfortunately, they're too late to stop anyone

D A Y 5 8
      Meeting Room 1 ⇄ The roommates are given a mission
      Mission #1 ⇄ With no real choice, they accept. The search for Rosemarie and her client's name begins, but can two people with little experience being human blend in?
      Meeting Room 1 ⇄ Unwilling to turn in the traitor, they hand the military a fake name. All seems to be going well...

N I G H T S H I F T 5 8
      Main Hallway, 2-Center ⇄ ... Until the Scarecrow finds himself suddenly alone at night.
      Stairwell by Lobby 1 ⇄ Without a light or a clue where his roommate is, he heads toward his room
      West Wing, South Hall 1-A ⇄ He runs right into Sergeant Carter, who offers to go with him- but first, he has to find Depth Charge!
      West Wing, North Hall 1-A ⇄ Scarecrow describes Depth Charge to Carter, who hasn't seen him
      M-B Block Hall ⇄ They briefly ponder hair color- so blu isn't normal?
      M42 ⇄ Depth Charge is fine, but asleep; however, it seems the military knows the name they gave them was a fake!
      The Mines ⇄ Using Carter's ring, they appear at the mines, where they see spooks. Was that Mele? And Kaiji?

D A Y 5 9
      Sun Room ⇄ He looks for Mele, but to no avail. What was that ghost he saw?
              Bulletin ⇄ He leaves a note for her, only to learn she's been released.
      Cafeteria ⇄ Kibitoshin always knows how to make him feel better, somehow
      Dinner ⇄ With Scarecrow still struggling to manage his heartache, Major Harrington himself pays them a visit

N I G H T S H I F T 5 9
      M42 ⇄ His heartache turns to determination as night arrives- what was that strange announcement? And the magic covering the walls?
      M-B Block Hall ⇄ Stepping into the madness, he meets Seishin, and they agree- safety in numbers.

D A Y 6 0
      Cafeteria ⇄ With the Institute seemingly back to normal, he meets Maya and discusses monsters
              Bulletin ⇄ He agrees to dance at night with Lust. They might've had a misunderstanding.
      Library, 3rd Shift ⇄ A chat with Carter about The Wizard of Oz book and 'science.'
      Music Room, 4th Shift ⇄ It turns out Sonia is a fan of music. How fun!
      Dinner ⇄ He resolves to finally speak with Depth Charge about all they've been keeping quiet

N I G H T S H I F T 6 0
      M42 ⇄ There's a whole lot of silence and not a lot of answers. With Depth Charge heading off, the Scarecrow leaves to meet Lust
      West Wing, South Hall 1-A ⇄ He ponders where that second ring came from.
      F-A Block Hallway ⇄ Meeting with Lust, they chat a moment and he finds out she's a non-human
      West Wing, South Hall 1-B ⇄ He explains how people can be bewitched, which Lust doesn't take well
      Main Hallway, 1-West ⇄ And oh how he wishes he had more answers for her!
      Stairwell by Lobby 1 ⇄ Taking her hand, Scarecrow assures Lust he won't let anything bad befall her
      Main Hallway, 2-West ⇄ They have a lot to offer each other as they talk about the definition of humanity

D A Y 6 1
      Cafeteria ⇄ Chatting with Kibitoshin about magic and scars is a good way to start any day
      Doctor's Office 5 [Venkman] ⇄ Doctor Venkman teases him & doesn't seem to remember the military at all; has he been brainwashed?
      Dinner ⇄ Scarecrow and Depth Charge finally have that heart-to-heart, and it's a doozy.

N I G H T S H I F T 6 1
      M42 ⇄ Having watched Depth Charge taken for special counseling, the Scarecrow sets out to find his friend. If he doesn't, who will?