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2000-01-10 11:17 pm
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Contact Information

Personal Journal: [ profile] grimmhooke
E-mail: uberruudi at hotmail dot com
AIM: MongooseMonarch
Yahoo: grimmhooke

Feel free to drop me a line if you need anything, feel like talking, want to tell me how I'm doing RP-wise, etc. I'm extremely shy when it comes to initiating conversation, so don't hesitate to prod me first. :o
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2000-01-10 04:55 pm
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Backdation: How Am I Doing?

Here's the post where you let me know how I'm doing as a roleplayer.

Do you like the way I'm playing?
Think I need to do something differently?
Want to let me know that you think I'm pretty keen?
You believe I should delete my journal and quit the game because I'm totally lame?
Want me to get off the computer and do some work?

Constructive critique is totally encouraged, but you're welcome to leave any sort of notes with whatever you're feeling. Feel free to post anonymously or however- I promise I won't bite. :D

Thanks so much in advance!